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Schools where your child is known, seen, and loved. A community where your family becomes our family. Welcome to DREAM Charter Schools. Welcome home.

The DREAM way

DREAM’s unique Grow the Whole Child education model is powered by four distinct yet interconnected elements that drive transformative change for youth.

Rigorous Academics

DREAM’s critically conscious curriculum prepares students to fulfill their vision of success, in the classroom and beyond. Across East Harlem and the Bronx, DREAM Charter Schools serve over 1,500 students from preschool to pre-college, and our scholars consistently outperform city and state peers in ELA and Math.

Social-Emotional Learning

We believe school should be a place to play, learn, and grow - somewhere that’s about more than just grades and testing, where students can develop both critical thinking skills and compassion. DREAM’s Grow the Whole Child Model is rooted in social-emotional learning, which helps children understand and respond to emotions - aiding their development into individuals who have positive identities, healthy relationships, and the ability to manage adversity.

Athletics, health, + wellness

DREAM invests in the mental and physical health of our students. We offer robust in-school physical activity, mental health support services, and free, nationally recognized afterschool and summer sports-based programs that help our scholars become confident, competent, and caring community members who know what it means to be part of a team.

Family & Community Engagement

DREAM’s families are critical partners. From home visits to daily communication, families and school staff actively work together and share decision-making. We support our families outside the classroom, too, with resources that have ranged from food distributions and clothing drives to direct financial support and case management.

Bending the Arc: DREAM's 2024-28 Strategic Plan

Inequity is a generational problem that requires a generational solution. And DREAM's current results - although strong, and growing stronger - are not yet enough to bend the arc toward equity for our young people. It is only through deep, radical investment in students, families, and communities that we can transform the trajectories of our young people - creating a better DREAM, and a better world. That's the focus of this plan. Read more below about how DREAM is building something that doesn't exist anywhere else - and how you can be a part of it.

We DREAM big.

DREAM provides youth with opportunities to play, learn, and grow. Our mission is to level the playing field by empowering all children to recognize their potential and realize their dreams. Here’s what that looks like.

We’re in this work for the long game.


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We build community.


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the dream family

"I was struggling with my behavior and academically. Because of DREAM, my mindset was changed. Now, I want to finish school, go to college, become a doctor."

- Stephen, DREAM Student

"As a new parent, you can imagine so many fears, and one thing I am so thankful for was DREAM being able to not minimize my fears, but just hold on to the fact that we are here with you, together. That togetherness, which is one of DREAM's maxims... everyone says that, but really, DREAM is family."

- Samantha, DREAM Mott Haven mom

“DREAM graduates recognize that education is a pathway to intellectual enrichment and long-term success. But even more than that, they also know it’s a critical step toward becoming contributors to building a more just and equitable world for their communities."

- Jared Francis, Managing Director of High School and Leadership Development

“We found a great home at DREAM, and it felt right to be able to put a scholarship in place that would enable first-generation college students to have the same platform."

- Kevin Widmaier, DREAM supporter