Mott Haven
Elementary School

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Currently enrolling for Grades K-2

411 Wales Avenue, South Bronx

Welcome to Mott Haven
Elementary School

At DREAM Mott Haven Elementary School, everything we do is guided by our Whole Child model: the belief that every child needs and deserves not only rigorous academic instruction, but also social-emotional support, physical health and wellness, and the strength of a community behind them. When children are known, seen, and loved, that’s when they have the space to grow into the leaders, innovators, and changemakers of tomorrow.

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student/teacher ratio


teachers in every classroom


years in a row of our scholars outperforming their city and state peers in testing

voices from our community

“Christopher came home and said 'I love school' and we both cried. Never at the two other schools he attended did he once say he loved school.”

- Michelle, DREAM Mott Haven Kindergarten mom

Meet Principal
Jamie Platzer

Jamie has been a member of the DREAM family for over a decade. Her background is in special education and she loves the opportunity to spend every day working with DREAM teachers, scholars, and families. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and a Master’s degree in Education from Pace University.
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place matters

At DREAM, we believe that every child deserves a beautiful space to play, learn, and grow. Mott Haven Elementary School is located at 411 Wales Avenue in the South Bronx – and in the near future, moving to its brand-new home, a state-of-the-art school located in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx. At capacity, it will serve 1,300 Pre-K-12 DREAM scholars.

As core to our mission as it has been from day one, opportunities for play will run throughout the new school, from the ground floor’s auxiliary gym to our rooftop playground. DREAM students will also be given the best spaces to learn, including a light-filled, cathedral-type library and a STEM quad featuring speciality classrooms and laboratories. And, not only will this new home allow DREAM to grow, tripling the amount of children it can serve, but the space will also be a physical manifestation of DREAM’s ambitions for its students.

our curriculum

DREAM’s curriculum ensures rigorous instruction that teaches children to think critically and imaginatively. For elementary school, this includes:

  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Social Emotional Learning

DREAM uses an inquiry-based approach to learning to put scholars in the front seat. Scholars find solutions to problems on their own and share their discoveries with the class. By problem solving first, they’re able to gain context on subjects and learn from their own thinking. In our classroom, we want scholars talking more than teachers.

All DREAM students have access to our free afterschool and summer programming as part of our extended-day, extended-year model.

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